Monkeyhill Session live at Grassroots (横浜)

GrassRoots(神奈川区 鶴屋町 2-13-3 渡辺ビル B1F, Yokohama 221-0835)

Open 19:00 Start 20:00

music charge ¥2,000


Toshizo Shiraishi(g)

Akira Nakamura(ds) from BERLIN

Yusaku Yoshimura(key) from BOSTON

Yusuke Yamamoto(vibs) from New York


伝説のフリーフェス[Ueda Joint]のプロデューサーtoshizoと2006年以降のUeda Joint 全盛期を支えたstudio b.p.m.(brooklyn, NY)に集まるアーティスト達(Dub Nomads, Marianne, Mainspace, Chimp Beams, Channel U, Dizzy Ventilatorsなど)とのexperimental dub session!!


Satoru Ito (g,b / from GLDN)

Yusuke Yamamoto (vibes, synth / from channelU, Dizzy Ventilators)

Yoshio "TONY" Kobayashi (drums / from AKOYA)

Daniel Jodocy (drums, elec.drums / from Dizzy Ventilators)

Toshizo Shiraishi (guitar / from blissed)

6/30 (Sat) 横浜 Thums up (注:出演時間予定: AM2:35)

7/1 (Sun) 富士宮 土一揆

7/4 (Wed) 代官山、晴れたら空に豆まいて

7/6 (Fri) 甲府 桜座

7/7 (Sat) 逗子 Surfers

Dizzy Ventilators with Toshizo Japan tour 2018. 

Here we come!



6.1 (Fri) 京都(Kyoto) Jazzy Sport Kyoto

6.2 (Sat) 徳島(Tokushima) DEILI

6.3 (Sun) 高松(Takamatsu) 黒船屋(Kurohuneya)

6.4 (Mon) 松山(Matsuyama) Monk

6.5 (Tue) 大豊(Ohtoyo) Happy Raft

6.8 (Fri)) 高知(kouchi) Little Powers

6.9 (Sat) 徳島 海陽町(Tokushima) In Between Blues

6.11(Mon) 神戸(Kobe) Live Spot Big Apple

6.13 (Wed) 福井 (Hukui)  Hiding Place

6.15 (Fri) 静岡(Shizuoka) PIMPER'S PARADISE

6.16 (Sat) 藤沢(Hujisawa) Green Mango

6.17 (Sun) 横浜(Yokohama) Grassroots

6.18 (Mon) Special Night with Tatsu (bass) / Kunikazu Tanaka(sax)/Tetsuya Yamasaki(per) + Dizzy Ventilator [Yusuke Yamamoto (synth) / Daniel Jodocy (drums)] (No Toshizo for this show)

三軒茶屋 (sangenchaya, Tokyo) Grape Fruit Moon「kill-the-jazz」/

6.22~24 (Fri ~ Sun) 長野 菅平(Sugadaira, Nagano) Jazz Week 2018

6.25 (Mon) 高崎(Takasaki) Sangam

Danton Boller's acoustic trio featuring Jeremy Wilms on nylon string guitar and Yusuke Yamamoto on marimba will be performing one set in Brooklyn at The Owl this Friday, 4/27 @ 8pm sharp.  — at The Owl Music Parlor 497 Rogers Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11225, b/t Midwood St & Maple St, Prospect Lefferts Gardens

Danton Boller has recorded and toured internationally with an array of amazing artists, and was a member of the Roy Hargrove Quintet. Leading a trio of stellar musicians, he will perform original compositions that borrow from Beethoven and Wayne Shorter and everything in between. In a world where electronics and Artificial Intelligence are taking over, as a composer and performer Danton is reaching for the most human understanding of sonics. With an all acoustic set of music featuring the upright bass, he will be joined by his longtime cohort and stellar musical collaborator Jeremy Wilms on nylon string guitar, and the incredibly multi faceted Yusuke Yamamoto on drums and marimba.