2019 Summer tour も残り3つ!

9/11(水)  Marter & Yony at 藤沢ネイジア

9/12(木) Marter & Yony at 横浜 GrassRoots

9/13(金) ☆.A Extended Summer Session ☆.A NAOITO at 渋谷 Room


2019 Summer schedule in JAPAN

9/11(水)  Marter & Yony at 藤沢ネイジア

8pm start

Marter (keys)

Yoshio Kobayashi (drums)

Yusuke Yamamoto (keys)

(神奈川県藤沢市南藤沢20-21 MKビル 7F)

9/12(木)  Marter & Yony at 横浜 GrassRoots


open 19:00 live start 20:30

2 sets

fee 2000円

Marter (keys)

Yoshio Kobayashi (drums)

Yusuke Yamamoto (keys)


9/13(金) 渋谷 Room

[LIVE] ☆.A Extended Summer Session


[Live 100min long set]


feat. Yusuke (Brooklyn Joint-N.Y)

NAOITO vocal&many

Kobayashi Yoshio drums

Nanjo Leo drums

Iwami Keigo bass

Nakamura Keisaku keyboard

KIDS a.sax

Saito Maki flute


Yusuke (Brooklyn Joint - N.Y)



Hasegawa Kenji (Gallery)








Wassupski (jazzysport)

Yosuke (world kitchen Baobab)

and more...





channel U's first Gamelan ambient album on cassette and digital. 

Yusuke encountered Gamelan in 1997 when traveling in Bali and brought this instrument back to the US. After 20 years, his first Gamelan album is finally here. This work is a brilliant match of Yusuke's underlying Asian essence and synthetic sounds which listeners can achieve the utopian feeling.

Personal Affair / released August 15, 2017

Available at Bandcamp site

Contact email: mtbooksmusic@gmail.com