New video: Talking Woods

Track from my new album, Music for vibraphone, marimba and synthesizer.

New album is out!

For a long time, I wanted to make a record that is somewhere between acoustic, electric, composed, improvised, classical contemporary and ambient. Finally it arrived. Don't know how I can categorize this music but I'm sure only a few people have made an album with just mallet instruments and synth and I'm proud of it! Please enjoy my trippy, weird and gentle music.

go to for download and stream the album

My recent creations of ambient music videos! Imaginary nature trip for people staying home.

FLYING SEEDS / Music for vibraphone, marimba and synthesizer

Stargaze - Eta Aquarids - vibraphone and electronics

Stargaze - Lyrids - vibraphone and electronics

SPACE VIBES - vibraphone and electronics jam in space

Shadow Motion by channel U -Gamelan Ambient Project-

Yusuke Yamamoto's solo project, This album is a digital release of channel U's previously released "Shadow Motion"(casette tape only) in 2017.

Now, re-edited, with 2 bonus tracks, with new art work, available for download and streaming.

About 20 years ago, Yusuke spent a month in Bali studying Gamelan music. he was especially fascinated by "Shadow puppet play" which is called "Gender Wayang". He had so many miraculous moments there, meeting a friend lead to meeting a great teacher, finding a rare vintage instrument and was able to purchase one. Visited so many temples to see and hear lots of gamelan music everyday. The whole trip was like a timeless dream.

After 20 years, that music finally came through.

"Yusuke encountered Gamelan in 1997 when traveling in Bali and brought this instrument back to the US. After 20 years, his first Gamelan album is finally here. This work is a brilliant match of Yusuke's underlying Asian essence and synthetic sounds which listeners can achieve the utopian feeling." (by personal affair)

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